Oasis Cafe

20 Jun

McAllister and Divis- Oasis Cafe.  I’ve been past this cafe a million and one times on the bus.  Outdoor seating (have you caught onto my love of this option yet?), and yes, an oasis feel on the inside.  On the far wall, a painting of a desert.  Cozy seating all around-at the tables, to the high chairs at the window bar, and the couches along the back.  Free wifi. Some plants, wooden floors, and a shade of golden, sunshiney yellow is on the walls.  I like this place.  I think my random stop in to this place was a good call.  I even think I’ll return.

Oh wait, you caught on that I said random?  Yes, I’ve passed this place a ton.  Yes, I’ve thought about stopping here.  But today, I was headed back to Chile Pies, a few blocks over, because, well, just because.  In my distraction I missed my stop, and ended up backtracking.  Oasis caught my eye, and I knew where I needed to go instead.

I was greeted by a super friendly male barista.  In fact the two times I’ve now spoken to him tonight, he’s been just so nice, easy to talk to and warm.  That’s definitely a good way to get customers back, aside from the fact that I’m also diggin’ the food and bevs.

I ordered and thoroughly enjoyed the tuna melt, which I ordered on a soft roll.  Fresh veggies on it, great tuna, and even a very thin layer of mustard for a kick (I didnt order it that way, but I love when places do that).  It came with a small, fresh and light salad.  Just perfect.

With it, since I wasn’t going to get my pie shake from Chile Pies, I ordered a Peanut Butter Banana Crunch smoothie.  Smooth, very tasty and definitely satisfied my sweet tooth.  Delicious.  Just what I needed.

Now, as I write this entry from Oasis, I am doing while enjoying a cup of fresh, ground to order, drip coffee.  They have quite the selection to choose from.  I’m enjoying the Divisadero blend.  Pretty darn good to me, although I’m still developing my inner coffee snob (so you may or may not agree).  I definitely can’t complain.

Aside from meaning a small, green and fertile area in the middle of a desert, oasis also is defined as:  something serving as a refuge, relief, or pleasant change from what is usual, annoying, difficult, etc.  I may have more unpleasant and annoying work to do while here, but so far, I’m enjoying the refuge this cafe has created for me, and the calm state it has put me in.  Thank you, Oasis Cafe.


Fillmore St. Cafe

13 Jun

Sometimes ya win, sometimes ya lose.

I dropped by the Fillmore St. Cafe without doing much research ahead of time.  Perhaps not my best move, but there were some things I enjoyed about this spot instantly.

At the corner of Fillmore St. and Eddy, sits the Fillmore St. Cafe.  A bustling location, even at 9am on a Sunday, this cafe is a pretty good spot for people watching, whether you choose a sunny or shade covered outdoor tables.  But that depends on the type of people you WANT to watch.  Interesting characters were around at this time of the day I was there.  I’ll leave it at that.  Still, points for people watching.  Slight win for now.

Inside seating is available as well, but I always prefer outdoor seating.  Although right now it is located under some construction, you can still get a good seat.

Also a win, free wifi.

The inside?  Nothing too impressive.  I really didnt spend much time even exploring the inside, because it just wasn’t much to catch my eye.  The outside seating caught my eye, even under the scaffolding, because it was sunny, on a corner, and had plenty of space.  I love outdoor seating.  Cant get enough of it. So of course, that’s where I ended up.

I ordered an everything bagel with avocado, egg and cheese.  Not much of a win there.  I mean, not the worst breakfast sandwhich I’ve had, but nothing impressive.  You know how you can tell the difference between a good quality piece of cheese and a processed, used to be individually wrapped piece of cheese?  Well you can tell the difference even when it’s melted between two pieces of bagel, greasy egg and avocado.  Blegh.  The avocado wasn’t as fresh as it could’ve been.  And the bagel, although nothing extravagant, wasn’t toasted well at all. Lose.  All around, lose.  Even the mocha tasted powdery, clearly coming from a mix.  Sigggh.  Don’t mess with my mochas.  Such a loss.

Maybe breakfast isn’t their best time of day.  Maybe others would tell me it’s a much better place aside from breakfast time.   I don’t know the reason for any of it.

All in all, there are way too many other amazing breakfast spots in SF for me to even consider returning to Fillmore St. Cafe.   I plan to explore them!  Now that plan, THAT’S a win.

chile pies (& ice cream)

6 Jun

After getting my hair cut less than a block away, I was walking past Chile Pies (& ice cream) and thought, Three Twins Ice Cream?  Pies? And dinner items? Screw cooking.

But at this very moment, my dear friend Shelby called.  We had what turned out to be one of our usual, amazing, long but feels short, conversations. I plopped down on a wooden bench outside of Chile Pies (& Ice Cream), enjoyed the people watching, and even got off the phone for a few to help a man push his stalled van out of traffic! Following my good deed of the day,  I called Shelby back and received some great news.  As it turns out, just minutes after getting back on the phone, I was asked to be her bridesmaid!  I welled up with tears and was absolutely elated.  As our conversation continued I realized it was (ironically)  getting too chilly outside of Chile Pies (& Ice Cream) to stick around until after we were done chatting to eat.  So I decided, I’d be back one day. It was a must.  My first stop on my ‘journey‘ would be at Baker and Fulton. So with this plan, I walked back to the bus stop, and started on my way home…

I realized that today was as good as any to return.  Sunny skies, nice breeze, and within a block of this place I already saw multiple eye candy selections (and this was not even IN the cafe).  I decided I would easily find some good treats inside, as I had already experienced outside 😉

I went to the counter, unsure of exactly what to order.  The very friendly staff, greeted me with a smile, and made me feel at ease when I posed several questions about their very appealing menu options.  I went with her favorite, the Green Chile Tamale Hand Pie, which came with a small salad.  I paired it with a Blue Bottle coffee.

The portion size was just perfect.  Not too much, but just enough to appease my hungry tummy, as it was approaching 8pm.  Blue Bottle coffee?  Well you know that was just delicious.  And of course, because it wasn’t an overwhelming portion size, I was able to indulge in their incredible, ready for it…PIE SHAKE!  Yes, you choose the pie and the flavor of  their organic Three Twins Ice Cream, one of my faves.  Then they blend it together to make a drinkable delectable dessert masterpiece.

I think I found my new close to home cafe of choice.  Five minute bus ride from where I live, good people watching, relaxing ambiance, and delicious pies and pie shakes.  Chile Pies (& Ice Cream), you’ve made falling in love with you as easy as pie.

And so it begins..

6 Jun

I decided one early day in May that I would explore some places I hadn’t been to in the bay…yes, I just started my blog with a rhyme.  I promise that won’t be the last time. And so it continues!  Really, I wasn’t trying to do that twice.  But when I realized I did, of course, I had to italicize it.  Already, I’m starting to be a bit ridiculous with this project….I promise to not do that again…for a while.

I set my goal on visiting a few new cafes a week starting in June, when things are a bit quieter around the campus I work at.  In the summer months, when students are not living in the building I oversee, and I’m not teaching either, I have the freedom to work off campus versus mostly confined to my office.

  Not wanting to limit myself to cafes, I figured I’d blog about any other excursions, eateries, adventures, and other events that I might partake in from this point on.  For now, I’ll start with my cafes, and we’ll just see how it all pans out.

 Welcome to Keri’s blog:  Bay Treats ‘N Good Eats 🙂 Image